Suitcase Laundry @Swift Agency

Suitcase Laundry is a women-only art photo-shoot held at amazing spaces around Portland, Oregon. It’s about bringing the creative minds of photographers, art directors, lighting gurus, stylists, models to create mind rocking art!

For this month’s Suitcase Laundry we had the opportunity to shoot in Swift Agency in Downtown Portland, Oregon. What an incredible space!!! This was by far one of the most exhilarating shoots I’ve been a part of. Tons of creative people all in the same building.

Many thanks to my wonderful team!!!


Gabrielle Abraham, Brittanee Wright, Zane Haneyneh, Violet Sanders, and Devinity Robertson

Makeup Artist- Ary Garcia

Wardrobe Stylist & Hair Stylist- Caileigh Gale

Art Director- Nicole Schultz

Producer- Nic Porter & Swift Agency

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